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החלטת רשות המסים פוגעת בקרנות השקעה זרות בישראל ליאון הריס רשות המסים בישראל פרסמה זה עתה החלטה מקדמית, המטילה מס חלקי על קרנות השקעה זרות מסויימות. רקע כללי: סעיף 108 לפקודת מס הכנסה בישראל מאפשר לרשות המסים לגבות מס מתושב ישראל המייצג תושב חוץ. רשות המסים טוענת כי רווחים ממכירת מניות וניירות ערך הינם ... Read More
March 12, 2018Leon Harris


The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) has just published detailed instructions regarding the 2018 voluntary disclosure program (VDP or amnesty) which expand on the ITA’s initial announcement of December 12, 2017 (Operating Instructions 5/2018 of February 13, 2018).  The new instructions will create extra work for amnesty applicants and their advisors. Background: The 2018 ... Read More
February 21, 2018Leon Harris


The Start-Up nation thrives on cash. Where can an Israeli business find financial assistance? Try government sources including the Israel Innovation Authority - formerly the Office of the Chief Scientist and Matimop. Here is a brief overview.   Competitive Research and Development:  This program offers Israel’s primary financial incentives for R&D activities from ... Read More
January 25, 2018Leon Harris


The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) has just relaxed its procedure for enabling Israelis in less central locations in Israel to get tax breaks for doing so. The ITA announced on November 7, 2017, that it will now allow “privileged” municipal authorities to send their residents self-initiated but targeted confirmations of residency ... Read More
January 3, 2018Leon Harris


This year Israel introduced new rules for taxing personal “wallet companies” which pay company tax at a rate of 24% in 2017, but no more if profits are left in the company’s bank account. These rules tax deemed dividends, loans to major shareholders and personal services provided via such a ... Read More
January 2, 2018Leon Harris


The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) announced a new voluntary disclosure program (VDP or amnesty) for applications filed by taxpayers between December 12, 2017 and the end of 2019. The new program replaces an earlier program that stopped accepting applications at the end of 2016. The ITA reports that 7,549 applications were ... Read More
December 19, 2017Leon Harris


OECD Deals Get Out of Jail Card On November 8, the OECD issued important guidance on how governments can catch tax evaders and, significantly, what rights taxpayers have. (“Fighting Tax Crime: The Ten Global Principles”). OECD guidance is back-door law in OECD member countries such as Israel. Article 6 of the OECD Convention, ... Read More
December 13, 2017Leon Harris


בשנת 2018 ישראל עומדת לתקן את כל 56 אמנות המס שלה בבת אחת וזאת עקב חתימתה בתאריך 7.6.2017 על אמנה רב צדדית של ארגון ה -  OECD על מנת ליישם הוראות הקשורות ל-   Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) BEPS). BEPS  הינה תכנית מקיפה של ארגון ה-OECD כנגד הזזת רווחים למקומות אופשור (offshore), ... Read More
November 30, 2017Leon Harris


Israelis in hitech and other industries are often relocated to work abroad. At what time do they become foreign residents? For many years this was a mystery. The Israeli tax law says that dropping Israeli fiscal residency takes at least four tax years – two years in Israel under 183 ... Read More
November 26, 2017Leon Harris


Israel has seen a wave of exit deals. Exits can be paid for with cash or shares of the acquirer, especially if the acquirer’s shares are publicly traded on a stock exchange – that is as good as cash isn’t it? Not if there is immediate tax to pay and ... Read More
November 13, 2017Leon Harris