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Leon Harris     Introduction: In July 2013, the Knesset legislated major changes to the Israeli tax regime (Income Tax Ordinance Amendment 197).   Nearly two years later, the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) issued a Circular which clarifies certain aspects of the Amendment (Supplement 1 to Circular 1/2010, dated March 10, 2015).   Amendment 197: Amendment 197 seeks to ... Read More


Leon Harris The Israeli Tax Authority has just issued a much needed "green channel" procedure for handling and approving share options in private companies. Share option plans are very popular in the Start-Up nation in the tech sector and many other sectors. The idea is that part of an employee's compensation package ... Read More


KYC Coming to Israeli Lawyers and Accountants Israeli lawyers and accountants will have to start applying "Know Your Customer" (KYC) procedures before accepting certain assignments, from September 2, 2015. This follows the passing of the Order For The Prohibition of Money Laundering (Duty of Identification and Recordkeeping by Business Service Providers to ... Read More


n April 2, the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) published an aggressive draft Circular aimed at foreign online service companies. Main Issue: In the draft Circular, the ITA seeks to extend its jurisdiction and to start taxing foreign online service companies if their activities have an Israeli link. Currently, the generally accepted principle is ... Read More


The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) has just announced that it is working on a draft bill to improve the Israeli tax regime for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS). A REIT is a publicly traded entity that enables the public to collectively participate in various types of investments linked to real estate ... Read More


. Your taxes: Trust deadline extended yet again Leon Harris     This week saw a mystery of sorts. Why did the Israeli Tax Authority extend the deadline for reporting Relatives Trusts on December 25 (Christmas Day!), just six days before the present deadline was due to expire at the end of 2014? How many overseas ... Read More

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