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Leon Harris They say you should never ask a kitbag question, which is a question you may not like the answer to. It seems that is what happened when someone asked the Israeli tax Authority a question about a Lichtenstein Establishment and got an unfortunate tax ruling in response (6893/15, published February ... Read More
September 30, 2015Leon Harris


Leon Harris Forms are important and should be respected. Sometimes legislation drives the forms, sometimes they drive the law by stretching its meaning. There is no shortage of Israeli tax forms. As it is the tax return season, we discuss below two forms which usually take far longer than expected to ... Read More
May 19, 2015Leon Harris


You are invited to an informative evening on BUYING PROPERTY & INVESTING IN ISRAEL in association with the Jewish Agency For Israel Monday 18th May8-10pm. JW3 @ Ivy House LJCC 96 North End Road London NW11 7SX Presented By RAEL GOODMAN - Head of Jewish Agency For Israel UK Delegation Speakers in from Israel ---------------------------- Nicole Levin Israeli Real Estate Lawyer Proprietor ... Read More
May 11, 2015Leon Harris


KYC Coming to Israeli Lawyers and Accountants Israeli lawyers and accountants will have to start applying "Know Your Customer" (KYC) procedures before accepting certain assignments, from September 2, 2015. This follows the passing of the Order For The Prohibition of Money Laundering (Duty of Identification and Recordkeeping by Business Service Providers to ... Read More
May 7, 2015Leon Harris


Recent reports suggest the next government might consider legislating an estate tax, perhaps at the rate of 25% on estates over NIS 10 million. Few details are known, but what if it does happen? At present there are more questions than answers. Below we attempt to review the questions and ... Read More
April 1, 2015Leon Harris


Leon Harris On February 6, the OECD announced that multinational groups with a turnover above EUR 750 million must start Country by Country reporting in their countries of residence in 2016. This simple procedural requirement is sending shock waves round the international business community. Background   The OECD is spearheading a concerted effort to ... Read More
March 9, 2015Leon Harris


In this week’s Torah portion, Jethro, we read how Moses,  set up an hierarchical court system in the desert, in order to best hear disputes and judge matters between people. It is doubtful however, that he needed to adjudicate on the VAT implications of supplying a Sefer Torah - a Jewish ... Read More
February 9, 2015Leon Harris


Your Taxes: Israel to implement tax treaty with Panama 06/25/2014 09:37 With regard to business operations, a resident of one country (e.g., Panamanian company) may be taxed in the other country (e.g., Israel) if it has a “permanent establishment” (PE) in the other country. An accountant [illustrative photo] Photo: Ivan Alvarado / Reuters Panama ... Read More
November 9, 2014Leon Harris